A narrative is a story that is made up also known as fiction. It needs a orientation, when, where, who, a problem or complication some story’s doesn’t have  problems and you need a resolution a ending that fixes things and you need it to end.

Some endings have sad and bad endings.

The complication has 3 bad steps to get worse the first colour is pink, the second is also pink and the third is red the very, very bad one.

The orientation is orange and the resolution is green.

Here is the things again in orders.

  1. Orientation
  2. Complication
  3. Resolution
  4. ending

Those are the things of what you need in a narrative the fiction story’s, the made up story’s is made for fun and enjoyable times for kids family’s and everything in the world.

Mr P’s Room

When it was sailing day I went to Mr P’s room for the day cause I didn’t go but it was great in there the grade 1’s and ‘2’s were nice.

I had to do jobs for Mrs Stone or work, anyways they had 4 big crane birds, they had music.

I did not got bored at all well a bit but the rest was fine.

They made posters for making the junior area safer and cleaner

about: Put bags away neatly. Might just be suggestion I don’t know